• Koreaโ€™s best traditional FPS game, Special Force!
    Come back with P2E PFP.

    Own your irreplaceable elite special forces PFP which will show thrilling and active combat in the battlefield.
    Be the strongest special forces and earn the reward!
  • SF : PFP NFT Introduction
  • SPECIAL FORCE is a P2E FPS game with NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology, a blockchain technology.
    The game character PFP NFT minting holder can have a variety of benefits, including SFR coin mining in-game, Infinity Stone NFT airdrop (more than 10 holders) event benefits that increase in-game mining, in-game random box airdrop, NEW MAP, and MODE opening authority.
    In addition, by owning a PFP, holder will become a member of the VIP membership as a Genesis of the upcoming Special Force P2E series PFP universe.
    For holders who own more than 15 pieces, we will airdrop the limited-edition character PFP NFT, which will be additionally minted as a NEW MODE concept when opening the NEW MODE in the in-game, and you can own the Special Force Rare PFP through the project NFT and briefing.
    Don't miss the opportunity to be the starting point of the Special Force Worldview!
  • SF P2E Introduction
  • SPECIAL FORCE RUSH is preparing to launch its official service on the P2E game platform Infinity Market.

    Special Forces RUSH, which has entered the Infinity Market platform, can obtain SFR coins as rewards through FPS games and convert them into BEBIT coins by acquiring SFR in-game coins obtained through rewards.
    BEBIT Coin is a coin that is incinerated in the platform, and a secondary transaction system is established such as purchase and sell NFTs.
  • To get more rewards and coins, please purchase stones in Infinity Market!


    Special Force RUSH P2E game release


    Introduce Tokenomics & SFR Token issue. (BEBIT Swap)


    PFP minting progress.


    (PFP 10 holders target)
    Infinity Stone NFT Air drop event progress.


    (PFP Holder Target)
    Random Box Quarterly Payment Event Starts.


    Token staking feature release.


    New Character & Equipment skin release.


    Announcement of the release schedule of Special Forces P2E NEW MODE and release of teaser videos.


    Special Force RUSH P2E NEW MODE Limited Edition Character PFP Minting progress
    (1,000 โ€“ 2,000 pieces)
    * Limited edition PFP Air drop with 15 or more PFP holders.
    * Granting of whitelist rights to Genesis PFP holders.


    Special Force RUSH P2E NEW MODE official release.


    Special Force RUSH P2E global service release.


    Special Force P2E PFP universe worldview revealed

    STEP Q1

    - Special Force RUSH P2E official site launching.
    - Marketing progress with SNS & influencer.
    - Special Force RUSH P2E CBT Progress.
    - Distribution of press release.

    STEP Q2

    - Special Force RUSH P2E Game Philippines Southeast Asia Service Open.
    - SFR token release. (BEBIT coin swap)
    - Tokenomics revealed.
    - Weapon skin update.
    - Special Force RUSH 8,500 minting progress.
    - Additional Partnerships & Collaboration Announcement.
    - (10PFP Holder Target) Infinity Stone NFT Air-drop Event Progress.
    - (PFP Holder Target) Provide random box. (In-game item)
    - (PFP Holder Target) Provide additional random box. (In-game item)
    - (PFP Holder Target) Limited emblem name card air-drop event progress.

    STEP Q3

    - Summer Update Progress.
    (Event MAP OPEN, EQ item update)
    * PFP Holder Target Event Map Room Open Empowerment.
    - Token Staking Feature Launched.
    - New character, weapon skin update.
    - Additional In-game enchant weapon
    - (PFP Holder Target) Provide Random Box. (In-game Item)
    - Design PH character. (PH local concept PMC character)

    STEP Q4

    - Halloween Update Progress.
    (Event MAP OPEN, EQ Item Update)
    *PFP Holder Target event map room open empowerment.
    - Collaboration with PH local character
    - X-mas Update Progress.
    (Event MODE OPEN, EQ Item Update)
    *PFP Holder Target event map room open empowerment
    - Clan spaceship operating system development.
    - Announcement of release schedule for Special Force RUSH P2E NEW mode. (Later notice)
    - Special Forces RUSH P2E NEW Mode Teaser Video Production and Release. (Later notice)
    - Special Forces RUSH P2E NEW Mode Concept Limited Edition PFP 2nd Minting progress (1000 โ€“ 2000)
    * Authorization PFP holder target whitelist.
    * PFP 15 or more holder airdrop.
    - Special Force P2E NEW mode official open.
    - Special Force P2E game global service open.
    - Special Force P2E PFP universe worldview revealed.
    - 2023 roadmap update later notice.
    1st Pre-Sale: June 17, 21:00 (KST)
    2nd Pre-Sale: June 17, 22:00 (KST)
    3rd Pre-Sale: June 17, 23:00 (KST)
    4th public sale: June 18, 21:00 (KST)
    - In-game coin mining.
    - Event Mode & map room open empowerment.
    - Random box air-drop paid quarterly.
    - Infinity Stone Air-drop Event (10 or more holders)
    - Limited character PFP second minting whitelist. (Holder Target)
    - Limited Character PFP air-drop event (15 or more holders)
    - Whitelist of PFP projects in the future.
    - Governance authorization for coin migration.
    - In-game Genesis special emblem name card is provided.
    It can be mined through PFP possession and Infinity Stone installation. Details will be later notice.
    You can enjoy the game without PFP.
    To be announced later.
    Excluding 1,000 pre-sales and 500 team supplies, It's 8,500 in total.
    To be announced later.
    NFT Mania, Infinity Market
    To be announced later.