CPU INTEL CORE 2 DUO E8400 or higher INTEL CORE i3-540 or higher
    RAM 4GB 8GB
    Graphics GeForce 7600GT (256MB) GeForce 9600 GT (512MB) or higher
    Network High-speed Internet connection
    DirectX Direct X 9.0c or higher
    Storage At least 6GB of free space
    OS Windows 7 or higher
  • Installation Guide

  • 1. Go to https://sf.infinitymarket.net/main to download Infinity Launcher Installer

    2. Once downloaded, run the InfinityLauncher_install.exe

    a. Click ‘Next’

    b. Agree

    c. Select Infinity INSTALL

    d. Then ‘Install’

    e. Then run the Infinity Launcher.

    f. In the Infinity Launcher, please select DOWNLOAD, to start downloading the game client. See the download progress below, and wait for it to reach 100%.

    g. Once the download has finished, click GAMESTART to start/install SFR game client.

    3. Installation of SFR Client

    a. Click ‘Next’

    b. Click ‘I Agree’ if you agree on the terms.

    c. You can choose which directory you want to put in the SFR game client. Then click ‘Install’.

    Wait for the installation to finish.

    d. Once finished, you can start the game.

    d. Desktop shortcut is created, run it to launch the game.

  • Controls

  • Game Guide

  • Special Force Rush takes you to another level of FPS gaming! Players can earn while they enjoy playing their favorite modes!

    1. After logging in, the player will be choosing a character and weapon then be directed into the selection of the server and channels.

    2. The player will now enter the lobby where he/she can create a New Room or Quick Join a game that is about to begin or is currently ongoing.

    3. Before you create a room, a list of settings will appear. You may choose your preferred settings.

  • Game Modes

  • The gameplay and winning conditions per mode are slightly different.

  • Single
    - Kill members of the opposing team to gain points. First team to reach the target point wins.

    - Red team must complete the objective while blue team must prevent red team from doing so. Depending on the map, the objective could be planting the bomb, escaping the map, or retrieving an object.

    Team Death
    - The team that reaches 100 points first wins the round. Each kill grants 2 points and special kills will grant extra points.

    Sniper (Team)
    - Players are only allowed to use sniper rifles and knives on this mode's exclusive maps. The team that kills all the opposing team's members wins the round. With a premium item, there is an option to allow secondary weapons.

    CTC (capture the captain)
    - One player from each team is selected as the Captain who will be granted extra HP, along with an oversized head. The team to defeat the opponent's Captain wins the round.

    Knife (Team)
    - The goal is similar to Team Mode, but only using knives instead of guns. The team that kills the opposing team will win. Respawning is not possible in this mode.

    Knife (Single)
    - The goal is similar to Single Mode, but only using knives instead of guns. The team that kills the opposing team will win. Respawning is not possible in this mode.

  • Game Details

  • 1. Clan Battle
    This mode is similar to team battle, except members of one clan face against another. Wins are set to 5 wins, spectate team, POV off, and free join off. Scrimming (5 v 5 clan battle) is commonly played in the clan war channel (channel 13) where clan battles are the only modes playable.
    All team battle maps are available for this mode.

    2. Team Deathmatch
    Each team must score a total amount of points of 100. Each kill is worth 2 points, and 1 extra point is given for every headshot, grenade, knife, and double kill. Multi kill gives 2 extra points, and special force gives 3 extra points.

    3. CTC (Capture the Captain)
    One player of each team is selected to be a captain. This player will have a huge head with 1000 HP. The objective is to kill the opponent's captain. You are respawned right after if you die.
    All team battle maps are available for this mode.

    4. Captain Mode
    Similar to CTC, except all players on each team are captains. The objective is to eliminate all captains on the other team. The players' HP are divided between 4000 HP.
    All team battle maps are available for this mode.

    5. Sniper Mode
    You can only use snipers in this mode. The objective is to kill all players on the other team.

    6. Horror Mode
    There are three different zombies in this mode: Host Zombie (1500 HP), Male Zombie (200 HP), and Female Zombie (200 HP). As the round starts, 1 in 4 of the players become Host Zombies, while the rest of the players have 250 HP. The zombies are to infect everyone, and the players are to try and stay alive. Zombies respawn after they die. If a player is infected or a Host Zombie is killed, they respawn as a Male or Female Zombie.Zombies have certain abilities including Super Speed, Super Jump, Self Bomb, Smoke, and Search.

  • Map

  • 1. Village
    - Location | China Ojin | Mission Takeover Mission
    - Size of Map | 70M X 110M (Wide)
    - Situation Background The RED team retrieves the LAPTOP containing confidential data and returns to the friendly camp, and the BLUE team stops the enemy's recovery operation! Information has been obtained that the location information of major military facilities has been leaked in Ojin, China. LAPTOP, where confidential data is stored, must be retrieved or stopped.

  • 2. Neo Missile
    - Location | Missile bases in Ecuador | Mission Demolition Mission
    - Map Size | 100M X 105M (Normal)
    - Situation Background Research on a new type of missile is in progress at a missile base in Ecuador. Missile controls must be removed or missile bases protected from opposing teams to thwart research on missiles that could become a major threat in the future.

  • 3. Neo Shanghai
    - Location | A remote port in Shanghai | Mission | Escape mission
    - map size 90M X 100M (Jomeum)
    - ituation Background You are trying to return by submarine from Shanghai, a famous port city in China. You must either escape in a submarine or stop it.

  • 4. Crossroad
    - Locations | Baltimore, Maryland, USA | Size of mission detonation mission map | 110M X 90M (Normal)
    - Situation Background In order to transport military supplies, you have to cross an intersection with the Baltimore Area Fire Department. Destroy or block the movement path by destroying key buildings and vehicles to prevent them from passing through this area

  • 5. Factory
    - LOCATION | Monterrey, Mexico · Mission | Team Deathmatch
    - Map Size | 120M X 70M (Normal)
    - Situation Background This is a factory site located on the outskirts of Monterrey, Mexico. It is a small basin-shaped area. It has optimal conditions for secretly transporting military supplies. Command all the enemy troops to be sure to defend them

  • 6. Hospital
    - MISSION | Deodorization Mission
    - Map Size | 120M X 96M (Normal)
    - Situation Background An important genetic sample is being stored at a general hospital located in Ireland. To prevent further genetic research from progressing, genetic samples must be stolen or genetic sample data must be protected from opposing teams.

  • 7. Missile
    - MISSION | Deodorization Mission
    - Map Size | 120M X 96M (Normal)
    - Situation Background An important genetic sample is being stored at a general hospital located in Ireland. To prevent further genetic research from progressing, genetic samples must be stolen or genetic sample data must be protected from opposing teams

  • 8. Train
    - Location | Railway Stations in Ukraine | - Mission Detonation mission
    - Size of map | 140M X 110M (Wide) - Situation Background
    - A train carrying highly enriched uranium, which will be the material of a weapon of lethality that surpasses depleted uranium bombs, is moving from a train station in Ukraine to a uranium conversion facility in Pakistan. Destroy the transport train's control room or power unit to delay the transport of uranium or stop the opposing team from doing so

  • 9. Shanghai
    - Location: Outlying Port of Shanghai 1. Mission | Escape Mission
    - Map Size 1 90M X 100M (Jomeum)
    - Situation Background You are trying to return by submarine from Shanghai, a famous port city in China. You must either escape in a submarine or stop it.

  • 10. Kinabalu
    - Location Mount Kinabalu on Borneo Island · Mission | Duel Mission
    - Map Size | 180M X 120M (Very Loud) - Situation Background
    - The reconnaissance fighter was shot down due to some problems with communication during flight. In order to prevent this situation that could escalate into World War III, you must retrieve the black box.

  • 11. Desertcamp
    - Location Egypt - Mission Demolition Mission
    - Map Size | 110M X 100M (Normal)
    - Situation Background A prototype of an improved desert armored personnel carrier was detected by satellite in the eastern desert of the Nile. Destroy or block the development data of a new armored vehicle that combines excellent maneuverability and firepower.

  • 12. Nerve Gas
    - Location Antarctica - Mission Deodorization Mission
    - Map Size 1 140M X 110M (Wide)
    - Situation Background SOMAN2, a G-series nerve gas that surpasses the power of VX-series nerve gas, is under development. We need sample data to make a vaccine for this chemical weapon that will have the power of a nuclear weapon. Take samples of SOMAN2 or stop the development of the nerve

  • 13. Satellite
    - Location | Satellite Base of Bucharest · Mission Demolition Mission
    - Map Size | 130M X 100M (Normal)
    - Situation Background Successfully developed a state-of-the-art spy satellite in Romania. It is currently installed at the Bucharest National Aeronautics and Space Administration's spy satellite receiver station. Destroy the control system of a state-of-the-art spy satellite or stop it from opposing teams

  • 14. Plasma
    - Location Mexico's Shabby City - Mission | Demolition Mission
    - Map Size | 140M X 100M (Wide)
    - Situation Background A vehicle carrying a plasma engine, which will be used to develop powerful new weapons, is moving in a suburban city in eastern Mexico. Destroy Plasma Loaders waiting in Markets and Squares or block them from opposing teams.

  • 15. Canyon
    - Locations | Mission in Huailas Gorge, Ankasi | Duel Mission
    - Map Size | 120M X 120M (Wide)
    - Situation Background art satellite modem is transmitting classified military information in a network room located in the Huailas Gorge in Peru. The satellite modems must be retrieved to cover up information manipulation or to prevent information leaks.

  • 16. Bridge
    - Location | Mendoza, Argentina - Mission | Escape Mission
    - Map Size | 140M X 60M (narrow)
    - Situation Background The bridge is located in Mendoza, Argentina, and is returning from an operation safely. You must cross the bridge to escape or stop it

  • 17. Nighthawk
    - Location | Ankara City, Turkey - Mission Demolition Mission
    - Map Size | 145 X 95M (Wide) - Situation Background A test operation of the HH-80D NIGHT HAWK, a strategic helicopter capable of handling intense battles as well as aerial assaults, is in progress. Destroy or stop the NIGHT HAWK being tested in hangars and airfields.

  • 18. Emp
    - Mission | Deodorization Mission
    - Map Size | 130 X 90M (Normal)
    - Situation Background An EMP bomb is hidden in an old lumber mill in Montenegro. Take over or block the controller for the analysis of the EMP bomb, which has the power to paralyze all electronic equipment within a certain range

  • 19. Bunkerbuster
    - Location Afghanistan - Mission Demolition Mission
    - Map Size | 105 X 100M (Normal)
    - Situation Background In a slum in Afghanistan, a 7-meter-thick, wall-penetrating missile, the Bunkerbuster, is being developed. Destroy or block bunkers in open spaces and underground bunkers

  • 20. Predator B
    - Location | US State of Colorado · Mission | Demolition Mission
    - Map Size | 100 X 70M (Narrow)
    - Situation Background A Predator B, capable of carrying eight Hellfire missiles, is being developed in a hangar for an unmanned aerial vehicle located in the desert of Colorado, USA. Destroy or block the hangar on the first floor or the lab on the first basement level.

  • 21. KF815
    - Location | Korea · Mission Demolition Mission
    - Map Size | 105 X 100M (Normal)
    - Situation Background The AI stealth aircraft KF815 is being developed at a stealth machine maintenance facility located in the basement of a historical site in Korea. Destroy or block KF815's laboratory and workshop.

  • 22. Fortress
    - Mission Demolition Mission
    - Map size 190 X 70M (narrow)
    - Situation Background A laptop with military secrets is hidden in the chapel of the fortress located in Scotland. The laptop containing the top-secret security-rated documents must be retrieved.

  • 23. Nuclear
    - Locations | Russia's Nuclear Power Plant - Mission Detonation Mission
    - Map Size | 100 X 90M (Normal)
    - Situation Background A very dangerous radiation test is underway at a nuclear power plant located in Russia. Destroy or stop nuclear power plants

  • 24. Venezia
    - LOCATIONS VENEZIA, ITALY (VENICE) - MISSION | Escape and Demolition
    - Map Size 1 90 X 90M (Um)
    - Situation Background You are conducting an operation in the Italian port city of Venice. You must break through the perimeter to the area of operation to reach or stop the area of operation.

  • Rank

  • Lacal name (US Army Ranks) Level Experience
    Abb. Rank Image Start Point End Point EXP to levelup
    Class: Trainee (Lv.0)
    RC Recruit image 0 - 199 199
    Class: Enlisted (Lv.1 - 20)
    PVT Private image 1 200 899 699
    2 900 2,099 1,199
    3 2,100 3,799 1,699
    4 3,800 5,999 2,199
    5 6,000 7,999 1,999
    PFC Private First Class image 6 8,000 10,499 2,499
    7 10,500 13,699 3,199
    8 13,700 17,499 3,799
    9 17,500 21,999 4,499
    10 22,000 25,799 3,799
    CPL Corparal image 11 25,800 30,499 4,699
    12 30,500 35,999 5,499
    13 36,000 42,199 6,199
    14 42,200 49,099 6,899
    15 49,100 55,399 6,299
    SGT Sergeant image 16 55,400 62,499 7,099
    17 62,500 70,699 8,199
    18 70,700 79,799 9,099
    19 79,800 89,999 10,199
    20 90,000 98,999 8,999
    Class: Enlisted (Lv.21 - 40)
    SSG Staff Setgent image 21 99,000 109,999 10,999
    22 110,000 119,899 9,899
    23 119,00 130,699 10,799
    24 130,700 142,499 11,799
    25 142,500 155,299 12,799
    SFC Sergeant First Class image 26 155,300 169,199 13,899
    27 169,200 184,499 15,299
    28 184,500 201,099 16,599
    29 201,100 219,199 18,099
    30 219,200 238,899 19,699
    MSG Master Sergant image 31 238,900 255,599 16,699
    32 255,600 273,499 17,899
    33 273,500 292,699 19,199
    34 292,700 313,199 20,499
    35 313,200 335,099 21,899
    SGM Sergeant Major image 36 335,100 358,499 23,399
    37 358,500 383,599 25,099
    38 383,600 410,499 26,899
    39 410,500 439,199 28,699
    40 439,200 469,999 30,799
    Class: WARRANT OFFICER (Lv.41 - 55)
    2LT Second Lieutenant image 41 470,000 502,899 32,899
    42 502,900 538,099 35,199
    43 538,100 575,699 37,599
    44 575,700 633,299 57,599
    45 633,300 696,599 63,299
    1LT First Lieutenant image 46 696,600 766,299 69,699
    47 766,300 842,899 76,599
    48 842,900 927,199 84,299
    49 927,200 1,047,799 120,599
    50 1,047,800 1,183,999 136,199
    CPT Captain image 51 1,184,000 1,337,899 153,899
    52 1,337,900 1,511,799 173,899
    53 1,511,800 1,708,299 196,499
    54 1,708,300 1,930,399 222,099
    55 1,930,400 2,181,399 250,999
    Class: OFFICER (Lv.56 - 70)
    MAJ Major image 56 2,181,400 2,508,599 327,199
    57 2,508,600 2,884,899 376,299
    58 2,884,900 3,317,599 432,699
    59 3,317,600 3,815,299 497,699
    60 3,815,300 4,387,499 572,199
    LTC Lieutenant Colonel image 61 4,387,500 5,045,699 658,199
    62 5,045,700 5,802,499 756,799
    63 8,802,500 6,672,899 870,399
    64 6,672,900 7,673,899 1,000,999
    65 7,673,900 8,824,899 1,150,999
    COL Colonel image 66 8,824,900 10,148,699 1,323,799
    67 10,148,700 11,670,999 1,522,299
    68 11,671,000 13,421,599 1,750,599
    69 13,421,600 15,434,899 2,013,299
    70 15,434,900 17,750,099 2,315,199
    Class: OFFICER SPECIAL (Lv.71 - 95)
    BG Brigadier General image 71 17,750,100 20,412,599 2,662,499
    72 20,412,600 23,474,499 3,061,899
    73 23,474,500 26,995,699 3,521,199
    74 26,995,699 31,044,999 4,049,299
    75 31,045,000 35,701,799 4,656,799
    MG Major General image 76 35,701,800 41,215,599 5,355,199
    77 41,057,000 47,215,599 6,158,599
    78 47,215,600 54,297,899 7,082,299
    79 54,297,900 62,442,599 8,144,699
    80 62,442,600 71,808,999 9,366,399
    LTG Lieutenant General image 81 71,809,900 41,215,599 5,355,199
    82 81,862,200 47,215,599 6,158,599
    83 92,504,300 103,604,899 11,100,599
    84 103,604,900 115,001,399 11,396,499
    85 115,001,400 126,501,499 11,500,099
    GEN General image 86 126,501,500 137,886,699 11,385,199
    87 137,886,700 148,917,599 11,030,899
    88 148,917,600 159,347,499 10,424,199
    89 159,341,800 168,902,399 9,560,599
    90 168,902,400 177,347,499 8,445,099
    GA General of the Army image 91 177,347,500 137,886,699 11,385,199
    92 186,214,800 195,525,599 9,310,799
    93 195,525,600 205,301,899 9,776,299
    94 205,301,900 215,566,999 10,265,099
    95 215,567,000 - -
  • Primary Weapon
  • 1. SubMachine Gun

    • FN's masterpiece P90 is a submachine gun that employs a 5.7MM bullet with intermediate power between a 9MM pistol bullet and a 5.56MM rifle bullet.
      It has a unique design and plastic material.
      It can be said that the weight reduction adopted is a striking feature.
      The power itself is not much different from that of a 9MM pistol bullet, but instead, it can easily penetrate non-ceramic body armor and Kevlar helmets within a range of 200M due to the high-speed firing of light bullets

    • The MP7A1 firearm developed by HK is a personal defense weapon (PWD), a submachine gun, and combines the firepower of an assault rifle and the simplicity of a single shotgun.
      It is an ideal firearm for close combat with powerful power and accuracy by using a specially designed 4.6MM bullet, which can be adjusted in length with a detachable stock. Caution: Available for purchase above so-called

    • A laser sight and a dot sight are equipped, and the dance function is excellent.
      Compared to the existing K1, the power and rate of fire have been improved.
      It is a firearm that can show off great fire power at close range.

    • The '9mm noise' developed by the Defense Quality Control Center in collaboration with Daewoo Communication at a cost of 270 million won in 2 years and 8 months since April 1998.
      Removal submachine gun' The MP-5 series noise canceling submachine gun for special forces that had been imported from Germany was developed in Korea, and mass production started at the end of 2001.
      The K-7 is a special-purpose personal weapon suitable for the combat environment of the Korean Peninsula, such as minimizing launch noise.
      The price per unit is cheaper than the MP-5 of Germany's HK, which has been imported as a unique Korean model, and has been lightened to fit the body shape of Koreans.

    • Special bullets, laser sights, and dot sights were mounted on the existing MP5, and it was supplemented with a more powerful SMG by changing the structure of the gun.
      Utilizing the characteristics of the SMG, it exhibits rapid maneuverability and power that surpasses that of a rifle at close range.

    • High-performance machine gun developed in Israel.
      It has a fast rate of fire, is easy to carry, and is light in weight. The U, which uses 9MM bullets, has some disadvantages in terms of range and power.

    • This is a compact version of the K2 and is a lightweight version with a reduced barrel and stock.
      It is currently used in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces as well, and it was manufactured with a focus on light weight and miniaturization.
      Because the barrel is short, the reliability in terms of accuracy is lowered, and the penetrating power of body armor and Kevlar helmets is lowered when shooting more than 200M.
      In order to reduce the muzzle flame, a large fire extinguisher is installed at the tip of the muzzle, and the other performance is similar to that of the K2.

    • The MP-5, developed by H&K, is one of the most popular submachine guns developed after World War II.
      The MP-5 was the HK MP-54 from about 1964. Or simply, it began to be developed under the name HK54, and from 66, German police and border guards developed the HK54 identical to the present MP-5.
      At that time, the initial model had a buttstock fixed and folding type, and after a few years, H&K has undergone some remodeling, such as replacing the silencer to install a silencer, and has reached the present.

    • FN's masterpiece P90 is a submachine gun employing 5.7MM bullets with intermediate power between 9MM pistol bullets and 5.56MM rifle bullets.
      It can be said that the weight reduction adopted is a striking feature.
      The power itself is not much different from that of a 9MM pistol bullet, but instead, it can easily penetrate non-ceramic body armor and Kevlar helmets within a range of 200M due to the high-speed firing of light bullets
  • 2. Rifle

    • Compared to the existing AN94, recoil is reduced and the zoom function is strengthened by attaching the scope to the sniper rifle.
      Caution: You can purchase more than so-called

    • Compared to the existing GALIL, EVL_GALIL has more powerful performance while improving the rate of fire and reducing recoil, and adding a scope Thus, its usefulness was increased in mid-to-long-range battles.
      Caution: You can purchase more than so-called

    • Compared to the existing STEYRAUG, the rate of fire has been increased, and the zoom function is also strengthened by using the scope attached to the sniper rifle.
      Caution: You can purchase more than so-called

    • EVL_M16A2 greatly improves accuracy, which is a weakness of the existing M16A2, and has the ability to surpass M4A1 or AK74. In addition, it can be said that its war power is the best as it is equipped with a scope.
      Caution: Available for purchase above so-called

    • The Chinese Type 97 rifle, when it was first released in a stockless format, caused considerable resistance from the time it was first released in 1997 until recently.
      In 1997, compared to the M16 and AK-47, it had various superiorities, but the structure was complicated and the production cost was high.
      Caution: Available for purchase above the so-called

    • M4A1 was coated with 24K special plating to add luxury and splendor as well as increased durability.
      It is a symbol of wealth, honor and high status.
      Also, you can get a high price when you repurchase a firearm.

    • It was developed in Japan as a successor of type 30 and 64, and was formally adopted in 1989.
      In addition to the Self-Defense Forces, the police are also paid to the Special Assault Forces (SAT).
      The material change made it lighter and less recoil, making it easier to use.

    • Have special bullets, a dot sight and a laser sight, and boasts a more powerful and higher rate of fire through special modification.

    • Have special bullets, a dot sight and a laser sight, and boasts a more powerful and higher rate of fire through special modification

    • Developed in 1959 by HECKLER&KOCH, Germany, it was used as a standard rifle for the German army.
      The G3A3 is an improved version of the MP44 (STG44), which is characterized by its long length and uses 7.62X51MM bullets.
      And even with a scope attached to it, it shows the best accuracy. G3A3 with scope is called G3A3ZF

    • The laser sight, dot sight, and special bullet were installed, and the accuracy and power were improved compared to the existing SIG551

    • This is a French-made bullpup rifle (a rifle with a magazine, chamber, etc. behind the trigger) that uses 5.56MM rounds.
      It is light as it is relatively short, but boasts an amazing rate of fire of 1,100 rounds per minute

    • The latest rifle that has been supplied in small numbers to the Russian Army Special Forces at present.
      Two-burst fire and automatic fire can be selected, and can fire up to 1800 rounds per minute with the two-burst fire.
      This means that both feet hit the same target almost simultaneously.
      Even when firing in bursts, the first two bullets have the same speed as the two-barreled fire, so it boasts a very high accuracy. Moreover, the recoil itself is claimed to be much lower than that existing in the West

    • This is the CARBINE version of SIG550, an attack rifle developed by SIG in Switzerland.
      Compared to SIG550, the barrel length is shorter and various accessories can be attached.
      It is called 'SIG 551 SWAT'

    • IMI developed the AK-47 based on the Israeli representative assault rifle.
      Galil was formally recruited in 1972 and was assigned to the Israeli Army and Air Force after the end of the Fourth Middle East War in 1973.

    • This is a shortened type of the M16A2, modified for special warfare missions, and is being used by the US Special Operations Command.
      The main advantage of the M4A1, which exhibits average combat power in both field and indoor battles, is that almost all accessories can be attached even in a shortened mode.
      The M4A1's Picatinny rail converges to all the existing firearm accessories, including a vertical front handle, a 9" M203 chuck-fired barrel with a quick-removable carriage and sight, an infrared laser pointer/reflector, a visible laser visible light, and an auxiliary iron sight. this is not

    • AUG (ARMEE UNIVERSALE GEWHER) is an assault rifle manufactured by STEYR in Austria.
      The biggest feature of the AUG is, of course, the bullpup type in which the magazine and bolt are integrated into the stock, lightweight through a plastic body, semi-automatic trigger adjustment through a trigger, a transparent magazine for easy checking of the remaining amount of bullets, a folding front handle, 1.5x magnification SCOPE (combined with carrying handle), it has numerous advantages such as multi-purpose changeability such as sniper with a simple replacement method.
      It is mainly used in the UK and Germany for special forces other than the army standard rifle

    • The M16 series has a short but varied history, from the early Vietnamese model AR-15 to the M16A1 and the current American standard rifle, the M16A2. Among them, the M16A2 used in the Canadian military is largely distinguished from the US M16A2 under the name C7, and it shows substantial differences in scale positioning and zero adjustment, fully automatic and 3-burst firing. Currently, the Canadian military is equipped with the C7A1, which is an improved version of the C7, and it is confirmed that this floor is a model with an M4 standard 20mm Picatinny rail installed instead of the M16's trademark carrying handle.

    • The K-2 rifle manufactured by Daewoo Precision is the basic personal weapon for the Korean military and was designed in consideration of the Korean military's physical condition.
      Aiming was fast and accurate by adopting the concentric (C) principle, which aligns the holes of the sights with the holes of the sights, and a self-illuminating sight was installed to enable night shooting.
      However, it is weak against work and dust, and due to the problem of barrel work, it is difficult to shoot more than 200 rounds in bursts.
      Currently, it is a personal weapon used by the front units and most units, and is mainly used by general soldiers and non-commissioned officers.

    • The AK series manufactured by Kalashnikov has been in use since 1947 when the AK-47 was adopted as the standard rifle of the Soviet Union, including the replacement of the North Korean Type 58.
      It is the most common automatic rifle in civil wars and wars around the world. Currently, the AK-7445.45MM), developed with the 5.56MM, the NATO common ammunition in mind, has been adopted and mass-produced as a standard rifle for the Russian Army, and almost all types of firearms such as squad support firearms, shortened barrel types, and folding types are available all over the world.
      Licensed production.

    • The G36C, like the HK-50, is a shortened version of the G36 rifle developed by H&K in the early 90s.
      This can be said to be a version developed to replace the MP-5, which is relatively weak in lethal force, since the time when it became common to wear body armor that can identify enemies in irregular situations
  • 3. Sniper Rifle

    • The TANGO-51, based on the REMINGTON 700 by TACTICAL OPERATIONS in the United States, is a high-performance sniper rifle that boasts the highest accuracy in the world.
      It is characterized by high accuracy and durability, and uses 7.62 NATO bullets in a bolt action method. The overall design of the gun has a soft curved shape, which makes it convenient to use because the loading handle is larger than other sniper rifles

    • This is an improved rifle from FR-F1, which has been used since the 1970s.
      was made not to. It is the weapon used by GIGN, is equipped with an 8x scope, and is a bolt-action sniper rifle that uses 7.62MM ammunition

    • The M110 SASS (SEMI-AUTOMATIC SNIPER SYSTEM) is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that uses 7.62MM NATO rounds.
      The M24 used by the squad's first gunners at the KNIGHT'S ARMAMENT COMPANY in the United States.
      Developed to replace the M21 sniper personal weapon, it was designed for rapid, focused attack on multiple targets.
      It was recently issued for the first time to Delta Force members operating in Afghanistan, and it is characterized by being able to mount a silencer.
      Caution: Available for purchase above so-called

    • The world's best semi-automatic sniper rifle PSG-1 has a beautiful appearance by engraving delicate patterns on its SCOPE and body.
      Also called ENGRAVING PSG-1, this gun expresses the honor and pride of snipers.
      Note: Major or higher can be purchased and can receive a higher price than when repurchasing a gun.

    • It is an abbreviation of ARCTIC WARFARE POLICE.
      It is a sniper rifle made by ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL, UK, and its official name is L96A1.
      Adopted in 1980, this gun uses 7.62 NATO ammunition commonly used by British and German forces. In addition, the 308 Winchentan or 338 Lapua can be used, and their destructive power is different from other sniper rifles.

    • The Dragunov, one of the various variants of the Russian AK rifle, was made into a sniper rifle by lengthening the barrel of the AK, changing the stock and attaching the bib.
      it will be made The DRAGUNOV sniper rifle (SVD), which is still widely used in Eastern Europe, such as Russia, is effective in subduing fast moving targets and has high accuracy.
      A gas regulator can be used to adjust the rate of fire, which increases the stability of shooting and handling.
      As a telephoto lens, the PSO-1M2 is used.

    • This is an improved rifle from FR-F1, which has been used since the 1970s. did.
      It is the weapon used by GIGN, is equipped with an 8x scope, and is a bolt-action sniper rifle that uses 7.62m ammunition.

    • The world's best semi-automatic sniper rifle PSG (PRAZISIONS SHARFSCHUTZEN GEWEHR)-1, which H&K developed based on the G3 model and developed in a completely new direction with the G3-SG1.
      In other words, this sniper rifle, which means precision shooting rifle, weighs over 8 kg and has the highest collection rate ever, and is evaluated as the most optimal weapon for counter-terrorism operations among existing sniper rifles.
      (The diameter of 6.9MM when shooting 100M, the formation of an impact group with a diameter of 80MM when shooting at 300M, based on 50 rounds) However, the weight (8.10KG) that is inseparable from the amazing accuracy, and the precision of the gun that cannot be rolled around in dirt, high price, etc.
      For this reason, it is true that it is somewhat unreasonable for general military operations.
  • 4. Machine Gun

    • This is an upgraded model of the M249 (Mini Me) developed in the early 1980s by FN of Belgium.
      The use of new materials succeeded in reducing the weight and improving the power.
      This further enhanced the EVL M249's status as a powerful squad support weapon. Note: Available for purchase above the so-called

    • The Minimi was developed in the early 1980s by FN of Belgium and started full-scale production from 1982.
      At the same time, it was adopted as a squad support weapon for the US military under the name of the M249.
      The mini-mi, known in this way, has developed into various modified models, and among them, the PARA model has been developed to be easy to move, although the range and destructive power have been reduced by reducing the barrel and overall length

    • A squad support weapon modified from the G36 rifle.
      Although it is a squad support weapon, it is closer to an assault rifle than a machine gun.
      A C-mag 100 round magazine (combined with G36K) is mounted on the left and right double-drop drum magazines, and it exhibits moderate lethality against the 16A2 and light machine gun
  • 5. Shotgun

    • The DESPERADO is a weapon that increases portability by reducing the size of the shotgun, which is a weakness of the shotgun, and is a powerful weapon in close combat.
      Note: Available for purchase above so-called

    • This is the best close-range lethal weapon used by SWAT and various special forces around the world, including the US Marine Corps. As a pump-action shotgun, it boasts the best performance in building entry, defensive missions, and super close combat.

    • This is a semi-automatic shotgun that is light and has an excellent rate of fire among shotguns.
      The barrel is also short and easy to carry, so it is being used in many military bases.
      It exerts great power at super close range, but it has the disadvantage that the punch power decreases significantly as the distance increases.
  • 6. Pistol

    • SMITH & WESSON As a compact pistol, it is easy to carry and has powerful power.
      It boasts a beautiful appearance as much as the performance of the gun.
      Note: Available for purchase above so-called

    • Currently, Italy's leading global pistol brand and French military standard pistol Special for officers in the Beretta series.
      It's a made gun. It was released in small quantities and has a very high collectible value due to its white gold-plated barrel, buffalo leather grip, and delicate patterns.
      It has improved durability compared to the existing BERETTAM92F and can receive a higher price when repurchasing a gun.
      Caution: Available for purchase above Major

    • A super-large pistol made by Israeli IMI in 1982, it was the first gas-loaded pistol to be commercialized.
      The Desert Eagle has four models: the 357 Magnum, the 41 Magnum, the 44 Magnum, and the 50 AE (ACTION EXPRESS).
      It gained a lot of popularity because of its powerful power, but it is large and heavy enough to be 1KG lighter than the MP5 submachine gun from Germany's H&K.

    • This is a French revolver pistol that is mainly used by Austrian RAID and French GIGN.
      It delivers superior performance unmatched by any other revolver, and experts appreciate its softness and light mobility

    • The world's first plastic frame, the Glock series, which is in the spotlight for its high portability and reliability, has its origins in the Glock 17 developed in Austria - GLOCK GMBH, a professional swordsman manufacturer.
      Are leaving Initially, it was adopted as the P-80 in the early 80's in the trial version of the Austrian Army, and 22 custom modes have been developed and used for military/police use in about 50 countries.
      The GLOCK series converges the caliber of all existing pistol bullets such as 380ACP, LUGER, 357SIG, 40SW, and 10MM AUTO AND.

    • The world-famous pistol brand representing Italy, the Beretta model is based on the early Beretta 1951 developed in 1976 by the Italian military manufacturer ARMI PIETRO BERETTA SPA. there is.
      In addition, the Beretta 92 developed later was adopted by the Italian army as well as licensed in Egypt and other parts of the world, and various modes were derived as many as the Glock.
      The current French military standard pistol, the Beretta Model 92G, is an improved version manufactured under a license manufactured by GIAT INDUSTRIES in France in 1989. and enhanced durability/practicability.

    • Rate of fire In the early 1900s, after the revolver, COLT's JOHN M. BROWINING started developing the COLT GOVT/M1911 and below COLT series, which are synonymous with semi-automatic pistols today.
      can be said (A wide and thick frame that can handle long two-row magazines, a safety device for ambidextrous use and a reload lock, a double action that allows continuous firing with only a trigger, a gun body made of iron or aluminum alloy and chemical polymer materials. In addition, high reliability / durability and outstanding Accuracy and simplicity of operation All these factors have made the COLT series the most popular pistol in the world, and even now, numerous military/police organizations in the United States do not hesitate to select the COLT series as their main pistol.
  • 7. Knife

    • M9 (Knife)
      This is a multi-purpose bayonet adopted by the US Army as a standard and used for 17 years.
      Compared to the M7 bayonet used in combination with the M16 rifle in the past in Korea, the function for hand-to-hand combat has been somewhat reduced, but the relatively strengthened survival tool function is enough to offset this.
  • 8. Grenade

    • RGD-5
      An assault grenade made in East Germany, with a built-in 100G TNT, and can throw about 40-50 meters.

    • M67
      M67, a general lethal grenade for special forces used mainly by the US military, is a fragmentation grenade type similar to general military use and has strong destructive power.

    • M18
      It can be used more extensively to subdue non-commissioned officers, and is basically used in various ways, such as securing an infiltration/escape route when entering a dangerous area, and signal bombs.
      The color of the smoke screen can be specified according to the specific use, and the smoke particles are not easily scattered by the wind and have the characteristic of staying in the air for a long time.

      Used to subdue the beach company and is commonly called the FLASH BANG.
      It is an effective equipment that allows you to subdue the enemy without literally killing them after a flash of about 2 million candela at the same time as an instantaneous explosion, causing the enemy to panic for a few seconds. In particular, it can be said that it is an almost essential combat device for hostage situations where it is difficult to shoot blindly.

    • VX-Grenade
      VX is a highly toxic compound that exists in liquid and gaseous form and mainly damages the central nervous system.
      If absorbed into the body through the skin.
      It is at least 100 times more toxic than sarin, a nerve gas, and is twice as toxic when inhaled through the respiratory tract.
  • Weapon Prices

  • Weapons in the game are permanent, rather than temporary. In some event cases, weapons may be temporary. Overtime, weapons will become damaged due to the amount of use. Repair is necessary for the best performance of the gun.

    All weapons and prices were taken from the old game.

  • RifleCost
    MP520,000 SP
    G36C23,000 SP
    P9025,000 SP
    Steyr_AUG25,000 SP
    K129,000 SP
    M16A230,000 SP
    MP7A132,000 SP / 67 G Coin
    AK7433,000 SP
    K235,000 SP
    AUG A342,000 SP / 90 G Coin
    EVL_AUG43,000 SP / 93 G Coin
    SIG55145,000 SP
    TYPE8948,000 SP / 98 G Coin
    SCAR-H50,000 SP / 105 G Coin
    EVL_AK10350,000 SP / 105 G Coin
    K752,000 SP / 110 G Coin
    GALIL53,000 SP / 110 G Coin
    UZI53,000 SP / 110 G Coin
    BLACK AK47s54,000 SP / 113 G Coin
    AN9455,000 SP
    MAC-1055,000 SP / 115 G Coin
    G3A355,000 SP / 115 G Coin
    TIGER GALIL55,000 SP / 115 G Coin
    FA-MAS58,000 SP / 120 G Coin
    EVL_MP5*Supply Crate
    Dragon M4A1*Event

  • SniperCost
    PSG-120,000 SP
    FRF233,000 SP
    M110SASS46,000 SP / 99 G Coin
    AWP54,000 SP / 113 G Coin
    Cheytac M20054,000 SP / 113 G Coin
    Dragonov54,000 SP / 113 G Coin
    Tango-5165,000 SP / 123 G Coin
    WA200075,000 SP / 135 G Coin
    KAR 98K55,000 SP / 115 G Coin
    DSR-146,000 SP / 120 G Coin
    M14 EBR38,000 SP / 120 G Coin

  • Machine GunCost
    MG3621,000 SP
    M24956,000 SP

  • PistolCost
    Glock2315,000 SP
    Beretta M92F16,000 SP
    Colt 4519,000 SP
    MR7320,000 SP
    Compact M94528,000 SP / 60 G Coin
    Desert Eagle45,000 SP / 95 G Coin
    Double MK2352,000 SP / 110 G Coin
    Ltd Beretta M92F56,000 SP / 118 G Coin

  • ShotgunCost
    Benelli M138,000 SP
    Remmington M87043,000 SP
    Desperado39,000 SP / 84 G Coin

  • GrenadeCostDuration
    Hatchet59 G Coin30 Day

  • Advance Techniques

  • 1. Crouch-walk
    Otherwise known as the K-walk, this is used to mute the sound running makes by canceling it out by crouching.
    While muting the sound, you'll move faster than crouching alone.
    To perform this technique, tap the crouch key while moving.
    Moving diagonally makes you run faster, but some keyboards have problems with this.
    You may have to let go of a key while moving diagonally and tapping the crouch key.
    One effective though highly unpopular method is to set the key for crouching on the right click button and zoom key on the mouse wheel, normally used for snipers.
    Alternatively, one can also set it on the mouse wheel at the expense of the inability to hold the crouch.

    2. Crouch-jump
    Otherwise known as the K-jump. This is a particularly hard technique to master and involves a lot of patience to learn. 3. Quickscope
    This technique involves scoping quickly with a sniper rifle, shooting, and zooming out.
    Bolt action rifles do not need to zoom out as they zoom out automatically.
    This can take some time to perfect. Having good reactions help with this.

    4. No scope
    This is a particularly hard technique to master, as nobody knows where the bullet will hit without scoping.
    Usually the bullet will go to the upper-right of where the crosshairs would have been, or to the general upper area of the crosshairs.
    This is only recommended for close range battles.

    5. Jump shot
    This technique is almost never used by snipers because it's too hard.
    Only professionals of snipers in the Soldier Front use it. To perform this technique the sniper jumps into the air while moving left or right and then moves back in the opposite direction.
    When this is done properly, the sniper stops moving for a moment (the vectors are negated).
    Perform a quickshot at this split second, while hovering in mid-air, before falling.

    6. Guerilla shot
    The sniper hides behind a box and listens carefully to the footsteps.
    This can only be used if the opposite runs normally.
    So it cannot be performed if the enemy uses the Crouch-Walk technique.
    The sniper will take his weapon if he thinks the enemy is nearby and he gets up and does a quickshot.

    7. Drag shot
    The sniper runs to the enemy and drags his weapon out and does a quickshot.
    This technique goes on timing because you can't do it too early or too late.
  • What is a Special Bullet?

  • Special Bullet (SB) is a special item that can be obtained through Special Force Rush in-game play; it can be exchanged for Special Force Coins (SFC) through the Mining Shop.

    Important Note:
    - Special Bullet can be obtained through certain probabilities during in-game play.
    - Special Bullet is made in a coupon format and can hold up to 99,999 full digits.
    - Special Bullet can only be accessible in the Special Force Rush game.

  • How to Acquire a Special Bullet?

  • There are two (2) ways on how the player can acquire a Special Bullet.

    1. Player Elimination
    Playing any of the game modes and eliminating other players gives the player a chance to acquire a Special Bullet. The player will immediately be notified once the player acquired an SB

  • 2. Winning the game.
    Playing any of the game modes and being part of the winning team, gives the player a chance to acquire a Special Bullet.
    While in game, the player who acquires a Special Bullet will immediately be notified. The player may acquire more than one Special Bullet per game.

  • Special Bullets acquired will be visible within the scoreboard. This is done by pressing the ‘TAB’ key while in-game.

  • When the game ends, a system message will show up allowing the user to check on the total acquired Special Bullet by a player.

  • What is a Special Force Coin?

  • Planet - Special Force Rush (P-SFR) is an in-game coin that can only be acquired and mined within Special Force Rush.
    P-SFR can be acquired by converting Special Bullets to SFC through the Mining Shop.
    P-SFR can further be used to exchange for BEBIT.

  • Mining Shop

  • The Navigation Bar will always be visible to the player while in the channel or lobby except inside the game.
    Inside the Mining Shop, the player will see the Infinity Stone equipped along with its details; the quantity of Special Bullets acquired and owned by the player; P-SFR mined and owned by the player.

  • NODescription
    1 This window is where you can mine Special Force Coins (SFC).
    2 Results are displayed as text in the chat window via system chat.
    3 A window where users can enter numbers directly depending on how much Special Bullet (SB) they want to use for mining.
    4 Adjust max value according to user-owned SB and fatigue level.
    In the screenshot above, the current value of mining SFC is 10SB.
    Moving the gauge from left to right will increase or decrease the amount the player wants to use for mining.
    5 This button converts your preferred Special Bullet to SFC.

  • NODescription
    6 Displays the grade information of the active Infinity Stone.
    7 Drop rate percentage based on the active Infinity Stone.
    8 Fatigue bar is shown so the player knows how much fatigue is used.
    - Fatigue bar displays how much mining energy is used.
    - player consumes 1 energy per mining.
    - Total energy is 100, so a player can mine 100x
    - 10 energy is recovered every 1 hour.
    - Players can also use SB to recover mining energy.
    9 A window that represents the user's holdings.
    - Special Bullet held by the user
    - Coin held by the user
    10 Notification window.